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The first single of the EP "Out Of The Darkness" lives from an overwhelming positive energy. “The song, which actually starts off incredibly easily by weaving in “ Für Elise ” , is about the fact that even if you land on your knees, you can always get up. Right now and today we all need to have faith in it. ”The song's hymnic breadth magically spreads hope and confidence. It is a catchy pop song that begins gently and mysteriously, but then crawls under your skin more and more and finally, paired with the unique emotional voice of the dark tenor, proves that this form of pop is not meant to lull someone, but to give you strength awaken. “Unforgettable”, on the other hand, is an ode to the things you will carry in your heart forever. It can be loved memories of people or unique events.

This song is not afraid of longing

to lay in, not afraid to face the feeling of loss. After all, if you can feel these things, you live. And you are grateful to have experienced moments that you can and want to think back on. Last but not least, the world melody of the "moonlight sonata" is the piece of music that is a reminiscence of the past in "Unforgettable" . Ludwig would have liked the EP - or at least discussed it lively.

The musical DNA

#klassikistgeil - Mozart, Beethoven and Bach were the popper, rocker & punker of their own time!

With my music I show the cool side of classical music, get it out of the elitist corner and make the great classical compositions accessible to those who don't normally come into contact with them. it is like my life and my personality: it builds bridges, it brings opposites together, it fuses what appears to be far away. and above all: it touches people deep in their hearts. "